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These tips will give you a full picture of how different garage doors work, their requirements and how you can choose new ones. Learn what to do when it comes to garage doors through these tips

  • Make sure fasteners are okay

    Fasteners are very important garage door parts. They might be small in the eye but huge in significance! They actually make sure parts are held together and they don't move when the door is moving. They fasten brackets and hinges, which in turn secure bigger parts. Fasteners must be replaced if they're lost or rusty and be tightened.

  • Scrape off thick rust accumulations with steel wool

    You should try to scrape as much rust as possible before using solvent for complete cleaning. Just make sure that you wear gloves when using the steel wool. After the rust is removed, protective coating has to be applied. If the component is severely damaged, replacement is required.

  • Provide a simple fix to a garage door remote which is not working

    You need to remove the batteries first and clean the contacts, if needed. Clean the covering of the infrared unit too. Our experts in Snellville advise that you replace the batteries as well. Reprogram the remote following the manufacturer's instructions.

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