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  • What are awnings for? Should I install awnings?

    Awnings protect the garage door and your home from the elements like the rain or the intense heat from the sun, as our experts discuss. If you would like additional protection, then install awnings above the doors and windows. They can add visual appeal to your home.

  • How do I unblock a frozen door?

    Your best bet is to heat the bottom of the door and the sides and any frozen metal parts. You can readily use a heat gun, hair dryer or a portable heater. The professionals from garage door repair company in Snellville recommend against the use of piercing tools.

  • What if the door reversal feature stops working?

    You have to check the sensors. Make sure that the photo eyes are clean. Remove any dirt while being careful not to cause smudging. Check to confirm that the two sensors face each other precisely. If these things do not work, inspection and possibly repair will be needed.

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